Saturday, November 4, 2017

Oct. 23 to 30

I have not been very faithful in writing on my blog. As you can tell!!
In the past two weeks I have ran 30 miles on Mondays of both weeks. My time has been 9 to 10 hours. I also ran a 40 mile day the week before.
My mileage for the month of October has been 60 to 70 mile per week.
This past week on Monday I ran my 30 miles but have been fighting a cold since then so have not run since the 3rd of November.
I will run 20 miles on Monday  November 6 and just 3 to 5 miles a day until the weekend of November 11, then just rest until the morning of November 14th at 9:00 am when I start my run and run until I finish the 85 miles.
My running route will be 9 loops  of 9.5 miles per loops. I guess that figures out to be 85 miles.
It temperature has been in the 40 to 60 degrees in the past month. Not really cold but just cold enough that I have to adjust my clothing from time to time when I stop at my aid station, my home.
I have managed  my aid by myself. I stop at the house between loops and Shirley makes me a fried egg and bacon bits sandwich. Boy is it good after 5 hours of running. I carry 6 fig bars and 5 dates with me in my camel back i can run one of my 9-10 mile loops before I have to stop for a refill on my fuel.
I will not try to go that far on the loops so I can stop about every 6-8 miles. As I have written before, I will be only about 2.5 miles from home at anytime for. the total run.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Training tales for my 85 miles. On my 85 birthday

October 17, 2017.    Running for 85
My training for the past 5 weeks for my 85 mile run.
  36.95    48.85,        34.89,   34.85,    31.99  miles for the past four weeks and 2 days.
Monday, Oct. 16 was a 30 mile training run. My time for the run was 8 hours and 50 minutes. started  at 5:36 am. I got up at 5:00 am ate breakfast  and my finishing time was 2:20 pm.
8 hours and 50 minutes. Much better than I expected! The day was cloudy and about 45 degrees when I started. I wore the tights that Dick gave me 5 years ago when I ran my 80 miles on my 80th birthday.  Thanks Dick your a good son-in-law.
I was running the same route that I am going to run on the 14-15 of Nov.
each loop will have a couple of short ones which I will do twice, one loop on Wilcox and  serpentine and the next one on Sequim Dungeness and Taylor farm road. The total mileage for these loops is 5.4 miles. That means I will run 16 loops to total 85 miles. I may vary this sometimes by adding several loops on each run.
My 30 mile run Monday started out with my usual thoughts, " Why am I doing this?"
Ego?, proving something to myself, seeing the challenge to see if my body can hold out at 85 yrs old?, or doing just because I can! I did not see an out for myself except for two choices. Stop running or just continue on. By this time I was about 7 miles into the run and forgot the arguments with myself  and just began to injoy the beautiful sunrise. The Maple leaves turning gold especially in the sunrise were very intense in their color. My first stop at my aid station, home was at 8:30 am. Shirley fried me an pancake-egg sandwich which was excellent! And a cup of hot chocolate. I stopped one more time to change shirts and eat. This was at 20 miles and the time was 12: 30. The rest of the training went very well.
My training for the past month has been a couple of trail workouts plus my running. One a jogging trail from Deer park , Blue Mt., on Grand Ridge about 8 miles. Good day on that run. Tough steep trail!
But I made it.
And then another trail hike later  in Oct. was the Royal Basin out and back hike, 14.5 miles. 7.25 up and then 7.25 back down to the car.
On all of my training hikes and runs I use a camelback for my hydration and food. It works our very well. It keeps sloughing and full of vittles necessary for the journey. Thanks to my good grandson  Jason Henrie for that good gift he gave me a few years ago.
My training for the past 2 weeks has had the usual interruptions. But I have managed to keep up my training to over 35 miles a week. I know, that is just the very minimum for my 85 mile run but I will make I through the to the end. The mental aspect will be the one I will conquer!
It is amazing that I have had just a couple of rainy days so far. But I looks like that will change this week. Rain for the rest of the week!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Another week flying by!
Monday, Oct. was to be a 30 mile run but it did not happen. I ran only 7 miles. I set my alarm for 5:00 am Tuesday morning. I awoke from a wonderful sleep to the jangling of the alarm. Got up dressed, ate breakfast and began my run.
 The night before the 30 mile training I had received a call from Bruce my son to go to his home in Tumwater to help him put a new radiator in his car. I thought when I finished my 30 mile run I would  drive to Tumwater and help him.
It was 41 degrees when I started my run at 5:30 am. The sun rose at about 7:30 am. What a clear and beautiful morning. The eastern sky was lighting up as the son rose and put the stars that I had been watching for two hours to bed. I decided to stop my run and prepare our motorhome for the trip to Tumwater. I Continued walking and jogging as we stopped for Shirley to rest every 30 minutes. She is recovering from a fall in which she sustained a concussion. I think my total for the day was 11 miles. So far my training has been;
      Sept.           153 miles. Longest run  30 miles
      Oct.               52 miles.   11 days.  Need more long distance days!!!
Finis for the week of journal.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Training for 85 miles on my 85th birthday

I started my training for my 85 mile run in August. My birthday is on November 14. ( that is the date I claim now Kim). I have a history for my birth day. It is either on the 14 or the 15 and I have been claiming the 14 since my 80th one.
I have been keeping a record of my distances and times om my Endomondo file.
I ran my First 30 mile run on sept. 26. My time was 9 hour and 30 minutes. That is a lot ng time but I made it.. 30+ miles!😀😀😀. Kim wrote on her blog that when a person thinks they can go no more there is always 20% more left. That was my word of strength for the  last 8 miles of the 30 miles.!!
My longest run up to this point is 80 miles on my 80th birthday in 2012. And I have been running fairly consistent since then.
I am running for the local food bank in Sequim to raise funds for a building they are purchasing. Giving can be a certain amount for the 85 miles. Whatever one wishes to give.
My running schedule for the week of October 2-8 is:
     Mon.        4 miles.           Tue.        30 miles.          Wed.      10-15 miles.     Thurs.    0
     Fri.         10 miles            Sat.         15 miles.
I will write in my blog again next Sunday.    

Saturday, April 19, 2014

April 19, 2014

If running was easy everyone would be running. Maybe the word running scares people.
Some might think of high school cross country or track meets where they had to run all out and had not trained enough for their effort. Their experience was a memory of pain rather than a sense of accomplishment. Or maybe they just quit to soon. Or did not realize what running could do for them./
Maybe everyone does not need too run but everyone needs to get off of the sofa and do some type of exercise a few minutes a day. Try it you will be the better for the effort!
Well back to my running.
After my long layoff during the winter and recovering from my Hernia surgery i am still working on my training for the running and track events for the summer.
I ran the Tulip run at Mt Vernon, Wa on April 5. it was a 5 mile run on some trails and roads. there was some sprinkles when the race started but that stopped and it was just cloudy for the rest of the race. I ran the course in 1 hour and 5 minutes. not too bad for about 50% of being in shape.

                                           This is one of the tulip fields in Mt. Vernon, Wa.
For the rest of the month of April I have been running from 2 to 5 miles a day.
My next race is The Bloomsday 12K (7,46 miles) run in Spokane, Wa. There will be about 55,000 runners at this race.The run is on the first Sunday of May. One can expect about any kind of weather on that weekend.
Today myself and 6 other people hiked 6.6 miles round trip in the Olympic National Park from Lake Ozette to the Pacific Ocean and back. It was a great trip.
on my next blog I will get caught up on my weekly mileage.



Sunday, March 2, 2014

Recovering from my Henria Surgery

March 2, 2014     Running for 80 and beyond!

I don't run because I have to. I do not run because I must. I do not run for other people.
I run because I can! I run for the sheer enjoyment of being able to run. And I thank God every day for my health and that I can still run :) .

Yesterday, March, 1st I jogged and walked my loop run from home. Jamestown Rd to Wilcox to Woodcock to Serpentine to Jamestown rd to home. One and a half miles. Jogged for about thirty seconds and then walked until I was not breathing hard. It was an easy day! 
The wind was blowing from the Northeast. Which means that cold weather is blowing across Puget Sound out to the Pacific Ocean. And that frigid air is coming down the Frazier Valley and dumping cold weather in the Puget Sound area.
Stocking cap, gloves and long sleeved t-shirt weather again. I usually run in the winter with just shorts and long sleeved t-shirt even when the temperature gets down to about 22 to 25 degrees.
But when the wind starts to blow out come the warm clothes
I having been turning out at the Anytime Fitness Gym in Sequim. I am doing a light work out for now. I will continue to build up some of the muscles that I have not used during the winter months.
I have been walking for two miles on the beach which is just across the road from our house. I take our two Pomerania's with me. I let them off of the leash and they run belter skelter on the beach. 
They seem to never wear out.
I am running my four annual races again this year. The first one is a five mile race called the Tulip Run. This race is part of the Tulip Festival of Mount Vernon Washington. Then the infamous dooms day hill run. AKA  Blooms Day run. This is a 12K run which is 7.46 miles long. The Kenyans run this course in about 36 minutes. I run it in one hour and 18 minutes. I guess that is not too bad for an 81 year old geezer!
Then the third run of my four runs is the Rhody Run in Port Townsend, Washington two weeks after the Blooms Day run. Both of these runs are in May, two weeks apart.
Then I will run the North Olympic Discovery Trail Marathon on June  The NODM is run between Sequim, And Port Angeles Washington. 26.2 miles. The race is on June 1st. 
This all for now!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hello world!
Time to write another report on my life wonderings.
My hernia surgery went as well as expected. I went to the hospital on January 10. My daughter Kim drove me to Port Angeles from Sequim. We were in the  day surgery at 7:00 a.m. I soon had my backless nightshirt on and in bed. One nurse asked me a ton of questions while her cohort began to jab me with a needle to insert the liquids and other acids into my blood vessel.
After much prodding the one with the needle said nonplussed (this is for Philip) I cannot find that blood vein it keeps jumping around when I try to penetrate it. So I will try the other arm. She managed to find one on my right arm and I was all set to go to surgery.
The anesthetist came into the room and reassured me that I would feel no pain. He would take care of me????????
I was then pushed on the gurney into the surgical room. There were  four people in the room. Dr H., the anesthetist, and two nurses. 
My history was read and everything checked OK on the list. 
I woke up in the recovery room and was wheeled into the room where Kim was waiting for me. 
We then left the hospital and we were home by 12:30 p.m.
It has been 3 weeks and 4 days since my surgery. I started walking on January 26. I walked for 1/2 hour each day. About a mile distance 
I will continue to walk about a mile a day until the first on March and then put in a few days of slow jogging.
I am planning on doing the North Olympic Marathon again this year. It is on the first Sunday in June. 
The exciting sports event that has happened in Washington is the Seattle Seahawks winning the Super Bowl.